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20-20 Vision: Interactive Data Sculptures

Our world is constantly changing in ways that affect every life form. This project is a series of data visualization explorations which tell the story of global data from different perspectives. By transforming data into contours, tangible structures and interactive artifacts, stories which are obscured by numbers with 00’s and 000’s can be brought to light.

The sculptures contain a total of 10 data representations, including steps on the tower to show years in the data series, disappearing windows on the tower to represent mammal species extinctions, and height of the skyline towers to show the gradual increase in human population.

The sculptures in this series were modeled using Fusion360 and printed on a Prusa 3D printer with marbled filament. Interactive moments were added using digital artifacts created with Figma, Veed, and VQGAN + CLIP. Augmented reality markers were added with Artivive.

A series of 3d printed sculptures representing 135 years of data. With digital and tangible artifacts for viewers to interact with, these art pieces tell stories about global data that educate and motivate viewers.

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