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Gunnar Autterson 4
Gunnar Autterson 3

4th Wall

4thWall.app is a free Chrome Extension that turns minutes spent streaming into charitable donations.

Installing the free 4th Wall Chrome Extension, anytime a user streams from Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, they accrue points to use for a charitable donation. 1 minute of streaming = 1 point. Collecting 250 points = 1 Donation worth $8-$10. Donation receipts are shared every quarter, so users can see how their charitable streaming makes a difference.

4th Wall never collects or sells personal information; rather, it creates anonymous Streaming TV ratings based on how shows perform with different demographics. Independent Creators, start-ups and new brands who can't afford ratings services can get a low-cost subscription through 4th Wall, creating opportunities to support Creators as well as our charities.

4th Wall lets users conveniently and anonymously share the title of what show they are watching, the duration of their streaming and their viewing region. That information gets integrated into the rest of the community data of 4th Wall streamers, so no personal data can be linked back to an individual user. All it takes is a quick download, a charity selection and about 4 hours of streaming before viewers can start contributing real money to real causes.


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