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Abstract Vision

Once a user goes to our website, they will be able to search for their favorite song. After searching a song, generative artwork will start creating in real time. Once it's complete, a user can purchase their unique piece on a limited run of shirts.

We launched the site through Webflow and have tested our generative artwork extensively through p5.js. Once we we're satisfied with the generative artwork, we moved the code locally to Webflow so that it would function on the website, without the need for any embeds. It was quite a challenge to get a music API working, but we we're able to do so through the Deezer API. It allows a user to search for any song/artist/etc. and even allows for misspellings. After they search a song, we're able to pull the top result as a 30 second preview.

For the product logistic side of things, we'll be using the Printful API along with Stripe to seamlessly allow a user to order their uniquely generated artwork on a shirt.

There's a lot of backend work to simplify the whole process for the user and we're so excited for people to generate personalized pieces!

Abstract Vision is a website that transforms audio data into generative art. One a user is on our site, they can choose their favorite song and see their personalized generative artwork come to life. The one-of-a-kind artwork that's generated will be available on a limited run of shirts.

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