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Alpha-gal App

Alpha-gal Syndrome patients are often isolated as doctors and the public remain ill-informed about the condition. Patients seeking life-changing health information are often ignored and left confused. Therefore, I designed an app to create a one-stop community hub for patients, families, heathcare providers, and those looking to learn.

App features 

  • Personalized allergy ID: downloadable to Apple Watch and Apple Wallet
  • Discover tab: find support groups, experts, safe restaurants and patients near the user
  • Community tab: gain recent news, recipes, safe products, advice, expert Q&As, advocacy, and stories
  • Chat tab: chat with patients, share articles, or arrange group meetups 
  • Profile tab: review and edit the allergy ID, see activity history, acess saved articles, and update settings

I used Figma to design the prototype, met with countless members within the community to learn about their needs and wants, and iterated on the design with patients and healthcare providers to ensure the app functioned as needed. Next, I aim to apply for funding to hire developers, taking this app from concept to the phones of the 10 million Alpha-gal patients like myself.

A one-stop app full of resources for Alpha-gal Syndrome patients, families, healthcare providers or simply anyone interested in learning more about the tick-borne illness. 

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John Weiss



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