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Full Assem
Fully assembled cloud chamber.
Side View
3D Model of the chamber, side view.
Additional prototype and testing.
Cnc Hdpe
CNC of base plate.
Acrylic Weld
Assembling the chamber.
Frame differencing method.
Rain Effect
Formation of the cloud within the chamber.
Working cloud chamber and vapor tracks.

Catch a Cosmic Ray

The goal of this project was to produce an audio-visual experience to view and experience cosmic rays. It begins with a portable and compact diffusion cloud chamber that produces the visual tracks of particles, then takes a video input of this phenomenon and produces a musical composition from the motion of the vapor within the chamber. The motion is captured through a method called frame differencing with additional optimizations to allow a smooth auditory experience. The physical fabrication of the chamber involved multiple techniques including 3D modeling, laser cut and CNC'd materials. Electronics include two thermoelectric heaters/coolers that allow for the formation of the "cloud" and are all powered by an internal power supply.

A public installation for people to experience and learn about cosmic rays through senses beyond the traditional design. It is intended for community outreach: to create a non-passive way for individuals to gain awareness and learn about a scientific field that is not widely known, while also providing a fun and unique experience.


Zack Weaver



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