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The Designer Occupying and Reclaiming Space in the San Luis Valley, Colorado

Chicana Light

An immersive, multimedia installation that explores the history of the 1960s-70s Chicano Rights Movement in Colorado as well as the designer's personal identity, political awakening, and sense of pride as a Chicana woman today.

Chicana Light utilizes projection mapping technology and collected audiovisual narratives to explore the history, culture, and identity of Chicano/a/x people in Colorado, both personally and politically. Historic media from the 1960s-70s Chicano Rights Movement, juxtaposed with contemporary footage of the designer occupying significant spaces, results in a deeply human narrative of marginalization, reclamation, and pride. 

Built using Adobe Creative Suites, Procreate, and MadMapper.

Featuring historic footage from the documentary, “Symbols of Resistance,” provided by The Freedom Archives.

In dedication to my mother, Mary Kaye Márquez, my abuela, Ruth Márquez Espinosa, and to all those who fought for our rights in El Movimiento. This project is a love letter to you.



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