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Fiona And Friends Group

Fiona and Friends

Fiona and Friends: School of Senses is a tactile children’s book created with the intent of fostering engagement and relationships between sighted and visually impaired elementary students.

The Fiona and Friends children’s book combines childhood storytelling strategies with accessibility to create a book that is both usable and educational. The story follows young student, Fiona, as she introduces the reader to some of her classmates and the unique ways that they learn and play. Fiona encourages readers to find creative ways to use senses other than sight while showing real-life examples of visually impaired students using their senses in imaginative ways. The book includes a specialized typeface formulated specifically for Braille readability as well as tactile elements that appeal to sighted and visually impaired readers alike. When readers have completed the book, they are encouraged to continue their explorations with the Braille Activity Sheets.


Undergrad,Nicole Leon Monlina

Undergrad,Emily Moore



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