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2023 05 08
Sim 5 8 2023 3 58 22 Pm
Sim 5 8 2023 3 59 01 Pm
Sim 5 8 2023 3 59 23 Pm
Sim 5 8 2023 3 59 50 Pm


There are five different animal types, with interactions between them to simulate their eating habits and their life cycles. At the start of the simulation the user can decide how many of each group they would like to place, and then place them on the map. After these initial placements the user can no longer control the movement of the animals, and instead will watch the simulation play out, observing the interactions and learning from them, which will allow them to make different choices the next time they run it.

The goal for this project was to show the precariousness of the balance of an ecosystem, and to highlight the importance of the interactions between animals. I wanted the animal groups to interact in ways that were as realistic and as close to their natural behaviors as possible.


,Quil Cummings


Justin Gitlin



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