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“Genesis” represents our interpretation of the creative thinking process — central to interdisciplinary maker communities like ATLAS, where creative thinking is fueled by personal experience and a desire to solve problems.

The combination & reflection of laser beams in our installation symbolizes streams of thought, emotions, and passions that contribute towards ideation. The rotation of these beams symbolizes the different angles/perspectives that are considered during problem solving.

Through multiple physical builds, we created an art installation that allows users to interact with laser beams and refract them into unique patterns of light. We explored the visual effects of laser refractions on a variety of materials, and investigated different configurations of reflective components while maintaining user safety.


4 Laser Pointers (Class II)
Mylar/Reflective Foil
Acrylic Sheets (¼”, ⅛”)
Wood & PLA
Partial Threaded Hex Bolt & Nuts
Paracord & Leather Cord
Suction Cups
Acrylic Paint

The creative process is a result of who you are as a person —  unique to you and your experiences. “Genesis” is an art installation featuring interaction with rotating laser light to create abstract shapes representative of creative thinking and ideation.


John Bacus



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