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Learning Helper

My project focus was on helping children with learning disabilities. For this I decided to do a User Research Project. I did Survey to get quantitative data, a Contextual Survey to get the detailed information and Desk Research to collect and configure the information that is available out there but never utilized. Based on my desk research I found the games and apps available that can help the children and then I started my Survey, During the survey I asked kids to fill the answer with the help of their parents after getting their consent which is important. Through the survey I collected more specific information. Based on the results from the survey I did a Contextual Interview. During the contextual interview I decided to let the child tell me about what games they played, how they played it and how it helped them. I created MOD guides for the survey and interview. Based on the results obtained from these inteviews I designed a webpage that can comple all the data in Adobe Xd.

The focus of my project is a user research project focused on helping to find game resources for children with various learning diabilities. The end aim is to design a web page conisiting of the resources found during the resarch which are most useful in learning





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