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Mira Curse 2

Mira's Curse

Mira's Curse is a spellbinding animated VR experience that takes users on a journey of self-actualization and discovery within a lavish world of three dimensional, 360-degree landscapes.

In Mira's Curse, users weave through the psyche and narrative of protagonist Mira in a highly immersive, interactive VR experience. Mira's Curse is the product of a collaborative process involving extensive creative writing, storyboarding, sound design, 2D illustration and processing assets into virtual reality. Featuring visually-stunning 2D & 3D animation, an original soundtrack and breakout voice acting performances, this multi-sensory story unfolds across 9 unique scenes in which Mira confronts who she is, her family and her past to shape her own future.


Undergrad,Lillie Bahrami

Undergrad,Emily Gould

Undergrad,Phu Lee

Undergrad,Xavier Corr



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