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Museum of Rudeness

The Museum of Rudeness is an interactive story-telling web experience focusing on interesting cultural nuances. An interactive experience where visitors can see how some behaviors are seen as acceptable in one culture but rude in another. By selecting each behavior, the visitor is prompted to guess in what country/culture that behavior is considered rude. After answers are submitted, the visitor is shown the correct answer and a scene where that behavior is seen as rude in that culture. After completing the experience, the visitor is then shown a funny/sarcastic certificate as a cultured human being or otherwise based on the number of correct answers they can share on social media platforms.

Museum of Rudeness is a personal project inspired by my love for traveling and all the interesting cultural nuances I’ve learnt from friends I met on my journeys over the years.

Every trip I took expanded my mind and gave me the ability to take the perspective of others. And I wanted to share these valuable learnings with people in a fun, interactive way.

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