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Sarah English 4
Sarah English 22
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Oasis is a set of three physical interactions inspired by nature, built to help users relax and escape the stress of everyday life.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, it can be daunting to navigate new normals, changing restrictions, and unexpected changes. With more people working or learning virtually from their homes, the stresses of professional life are encroaching on previously separated private spaces. This can often lead to decreased motivation and productivity, mental health distress, as well as negatively affecting off-work time.

Three special devices react to user input and dispel negativity, depression and anxiety. In combination, they integrate breathing exercises, plant therapy and light therapy to support circadian rhythm health, nervous system regulation and mood to improve living-working conditions in peoples' homes.

The breathing interaction is inspired by a water drop and the soothing repetitive nature of moving water. When the user touches the globe, a soft blue light begins to glow and fade in time with a guided deep breathing exercise.

The plant interaction brings nature into the space. It is more than just a regular house plant though. Lights along the front edge of the pot fade from green to yellow to red to show the decrease in soil moisture and indicate when the plant needs to be watered. Also, when the user touches the center plant, lights on either side of it will glow in response to the touch. This can help the user to feel more connected to nature.

The light interaction tracks the time of day. With so much time spent indoors, it can be easy to lose track of the time. This lamp glows green through the outer leaf cut out shade during the day and blue through the inner star cut out shade at night. During sunrise and sunset, the lamp will gradually fade between the two colors for 20 minutes. This helps users connect to their natural circadian rhythm by signaling the rising and setting of the sun.


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