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Onboard Vehicular Assistance and Expressive Communication Robot (OVAECR)

Previous natural language processing chatbot paradigms relied on extensive amounts of training data, only to achieve a cold and unfamiliar digital assistant personality. During the harsh and unforgiving environments encountered during space exploration, this kind of interaction is the last thing mission users need. Instead, they need an assistant that feels comfortable, familiar, and known. They need an assistant that can get through to them, particular during times of peak stress, when they may not be able to access those types of interactions with other mission crew members. Utilizing fine-tuning combined with a state-of-the-art transformer architecture, we can create access for these types of interactions at any time during a mission.

OVAECR is a fine-tuned chatbot designed for long-haul space missions, such as those to the Moon, Mars, or even beyond.


Annie Margaret



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