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Incidents with unleashed dogs or at dog parks seem increasing in frequency since the rush to adopt new furry friends in 2020. Dog parks, though they are a wonderful opportunity for socialization, can quickly turn into a place to avoid as not every pup will get along. Owners with unleashed dogs often lack the ability to recall them, leading to potentially dangerous situations as well. It can be difficult to navigate through these experiences and know how to avoid them.

The PawSpot app allows users to take control of outings by creating a community of dogs and owners who they regularly want to see, while avoiding those they don't. As an added layer of protection, the PawSpot collar and harness system is a wearable for Fido using light, sound, and the spraying of water to fend off unwanted encounters  even if they aren't close by.

PawSpot is a social-life mobile app experience and a responsive wearable for dogs intended to minimize unwanted or unsafe encounters with others.


,Amy Zhang


Sheiva Rezvani



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