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Peekaboo Rooftop Tent

Peekabo Rooftop Tent is a camping solution designed specifically for adventurers with compact cars. It is lightweight, expandable, small-footprint, and aerodynamic.

Our project is the design and construction of a minimalist rooftop tent ideal for smaller cars. Rooftop tents are often bulky, large and have poor aerodynamics, making the majority of rooftop tents poorly suited for use on smaller cars. We wanted to solve that problem.

The rooftop tent is constructed with an aluminum base and shell with fabric doors. The interior features a wooden platform with a double foam mattress. Adventurers can easily install the device on their smaller cars and venture out into nature with the comfort of a dry, comfortable shelter.


Undergrad,Henry Kvietok

Undergrad,Andre Gruber

Undergrad,Landis Hennessy



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