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1 Front Dress
2 Pet Cups
3 Pet Strips
4 Tool
5 Fiber
6 Carders
7 Carded Material
8 Spindle
9 Loom
10 Close
11 Back Dress


A sustainable and elegant piece of clothing produced by deploying various engineering techniques. Plastifashion aims to do something never before seen in the fashion industry: create high-end clothing out of recycled materials. With our dedication to the environment and a desire to make an impact in the world of high-fashion, Plastifashion is sure to shine a new light on recyclable materials.

We believe that everything in the world has some sort of use, even if it’s hard to see at a first glance. That’s why we took a chance with plastic, we wanted to take what would seem impossible and transform it into a piece of clothing that could be worn on runways. While we’re enthusiasts of high fashion, we’re even more passionate about preserving the environment. Plastifashion is a combination of 2 different sides of the spectrum. 

Plastifashion combines the invention of new materials with traditional weaving craft. We wanted to create something that you can feel good about wearing (physically and mentally). Because ultimately, we believe that wearing recycled bottles looks so much better than polluting the ocean.

Given the overwhelming waste produced in today’s fashion industry we wanted to create a garment that reflected on both the process of making and the material itself.

Plastifashion aims to create a polished high fashion garment using recycled materials and a website that beautifully documents our process and story.

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