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Pochade Box

A pochade (from French poche, pocket) is a type of sketch used in painting. As opposed to a croquis, which is line art, a pochade captures the colors and atmosphere of a scene.

Generally, pochades use a small, portable format. Robert Henri and James Wilson Morrice, for example, painted such sketches on small wood panels that would fit in a coat pocket along with oil paint tubes. Others artists, such as landscape painter John Constable, made pochades the size of the intended painting. The French artist Alphonse Chigot produced a series of pochades of the towns people of Valenciennes that he sold from his studio which were later collected and publish in two volumes.[1]

By tradition, a "pochade" is a small, traveling paint box and easel used by painters in the "plein-aire" tradition. This box was designed in SketchUp, and fabricated by hand with some assistance from a laser cutter.


Faculty,John Bacus


John Bacus



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