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Body Suit technology
Body Suit
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Fight Arena
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Polemo - An Immersive Combat Game

Mohul has always been someone whose passions and hobbies have revolved around movement and being active. He has also been a practitioner of martial arts for a very long time . Martial arts has been the most pivotal driving force in his life. For him, it has always been about joy and human expression . For his final thesis he wanted to do something that captures and encourages human expression collaboration through movement . Which is what gave birth to the idea of “Polemo”.

If you were ever a fan of the game street fighter growing up then you are going to love this game because street fighter just came to life. There are going to be two real people actually fighting each other . So two opponents will be wearing a safe body vest and padded helmets will be punching each other lightly .The vest will be backed up by force sensitive copper sensors which picks up the data of being hit . This in turn impacts the health bar which will be displayed on the screen . Upon being hit “X” amount of times , the health bar will eventually be empty and the player will lose.

Polemo an immersive combat game that simulates street fighter in real life . It's a game where you will fight each other in real life and watch your health bar go down depending upon how much you get punched. This is a project led by Mohul along with his team members .

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