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Capstone Visuals
Providence Demo

Providence Volumetric

Providence aims to help patients both in and outside the doctors office by creating resources for patients to use directly on their phone or desktop. One such way Providence is doing this, is with 3D tutorial videos for educating patients on how to do such things like Physical Therapy stretches, Yoga excercises, to even more social issues, such as how to introduce yourself and your pronouns when meeting new people.

My responsibility was to create an interface that would allow users to interact with the 3D volumetric videos as well as provide a framework for Providence to expand upon this technology, letting them add additional video content down the road, possibly in other healthcare areas, such as orthopedics or pediatrics. Ultimately, Providence now has a working prototype that they can expand upon to create a consumer facing application.

Providence Healthcare is creating 3D volumetric videos for patient and doctor education. Their company needed a desktop and mobile application to be created to house the volumetric videos that they were making.

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,Taylor Dupuy


Zack Weaver



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