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Rally utilizes location sharing upon user approval. It acknowledges and caters to two types of users: the planner and the non-planner. This app is catering to a dual market within its design, however the study has focused heavily on the planner. Rally is intended to provide a clear way to create and view a concrete plan (providing all information in one place), incentivize non-planners to 'RSVP' to a plan, and eliminate difficulties that come with trying to get ahold of someone who is out and about. Rally offers many features to improve your night out as well as planning it. You can create both a planned event or a quick share. Your home page is a feed consisting of all of your friends live quick shares. You can accept or decline invites to events within your notifications, and see upcoming events in the upcoming tab. Through your profile you can see your friend count, planned events count, and attended events count. Only when you are mutual friends with a user can you add them to events, share quick shares with them, and view their complete profile. Rally was created using Figma and Adobe Illustrator and followed a typical UX iterative process. 

Rally is a social app that flips the script on social media, encouraging face-to-face interaction and the making of memories rather than isolation and app addiction. Rally aids people in creating and sharing a plan easily, meeting up, staying together, and finding friends on a night out.

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