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Installation Space
Spect Signage
Spect Logo
Spect Graphic


Spect consists of ten CRT TVs arranged in a staggered formation. You are encouraged to sit on a spotlit stool in front of the screens which loop through a series of zoomed-in eyes, at which point the capture of a live video feed is activated from a webcam hidden in the arrangement of TVs. The feed is fed through software that isolates your own eye from the video, and your eye is sent to a broadcast to each of the TVs via an analog modulator. 

Spect provides the experience of existing under the gaze of others, having your own identity publicly exhibited, and observing yourself in this focused environment. We are interested in how this isolation can mimic the reflection and dissection of oneself that occurs with managing your digital presence. While the use of CRT TVs has dissolved into near nonexistence, our relationship with television wouldn’t be as it is without the old boxy TVs, just as the audience wouldn’t be themselves without their own personal journey. 

Spect features live footage of the audience’s eye on an arrangement of CRT TVs. This isolation of the eye is evocative of the reflection and dissection of oneself that occurs with digital interaction.


John Bacus





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