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Unstable Diffusion
Project Poster

Unstable Diffusion

For my final project in the Creative Tech and Design program, I created an interactive installation called Unstable Diffusion. The installation explores the potential dangers and implications of AI image generation models and challenges viewers to question the reliability and biases of these models. As an artist, my work explores the intersection of technology and society, and I wanted to create an installation that would encourage critical thinking and conversation around the impact of technology on our world.

I wanted to explore the use of AI in generating art and its ethical implications. I decided to create an installation that used AI technologies like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion. The installation would involve the user saying a prompt using their voice, which would get processed by ChatGPT, and then that prompt would be the input for Stable diffusion, which would result in creating an effect on the screen and transforming the user's body.

This installation is a commentary on the current use of AI in generating art. By reproducing the styles of artists without their consent, it raises questions about the ethics and authenticity of such practices.



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